Where it all began

It all began in late-2015 when I joined a short training program offered by Marina FM, Kuwait. I was offered a part-time job afterwards. Although I originally have a background in marine engineering, my passion for media and the entertainment industry made me juggle more than one job, which I enjoy and still do to this day.

During my first few years in Marina FM, I worked in audio production for several shows and participated in creating original content for Marina TV. Furthermore, I became the main voice-over for Marina FM’s promos.

Inta FM (Qatar)

In mid-2020, I embarked on yet another journey when I was asked to help establish a new music-oriented radio station in Qatar. I became the general manager of Inta FM at just 28 years old by late 2020. In addition to audio production, I worked on setting up the station in terms of software and hardware, which were all technologically advanced and ahead of most radio stations in the region.

Let’s Talk (2021)

During my first few years in Marina FM, I presented one pre-recorded show called Top 20 which focused on the most popular and most played songs on a weekly basis. The show used to broadcast on the weekends for two hours and ended its run by early 2020.

On January 17, 2021, utilizing my previous experience in Top 20, I started a new show called Let’s Talk which broadcasts Sunday to Thursday at 7 PM (Kuwaiti time). The show includes several segments, such as Billboard Hot 100 top 3 singles, YouTube Kuwait Trending tracks, new tracks premiere, and exclusive interviews with artists of different genres and nationalities.

« Abdulla, when I heard you speaking fondly of me for the first time, I truly felt that you believed in an artist called Ahlam. For that reason, I asked that we do this interview. Thank you for the love, I can truly feel it.»
– Ahlam

(2021) سين

Unlike Let’s Talk which hosts most of its guests over the phone, Seen invites its guests physically to a cozy studio in Marina Mall. This is my first experience in hosting a chat show, and the talk does not revolve around the guests’ work this time around but rather the other passions they have and the struggles they faced during their career and life in general. The show is the first collaboration between Marina FM and Belmokhba.

THE POP (2021)

In September 2021, I started doing a YouTube popular culture show called THE POP. My friend Samar Ruzouqi co-hosts this show with me and you can watch the first season (20 episodes) on my YouTube channel.

مرة بالأسبوع (2022-2023)

In July 2022, I made a radio comeback hosting a show called Once a Week. As the name indicates, the show is broadcast once a week every Friday. Once a Week is similar to Let’s Talk‘s content with some twist; during this show, I chat with callers and receive guests in the studio, which was never done during Let’s Talk.


ع السَطح (2022-present)

In November 2022, I returned to YouTube with a new show called ع السَطح (“On the Surface”) which gives the viewer a gist of questions that come to our minds on daily basis. The show runs simultaneously with Once a Week and each episode is uploaded to my YouTube channel on Tuesdays at 7 PM Kuwaiti time.

With Abdulla (2024)

In March 2024, after a nine-month hiatus since the end of Once a Week in June, 2023, I returned with a new show called With Abdulla. The show came after a deal with A Music Productions in which I interview the artists they bring to play in Kuwait. In addition to these interview, some episodes will be centered around various pop culture topics.